Water swing

The water swing is a new attraction in the indoor pool with high levels of adrenaline and fun involved.

Several people can swing at the same time, while creating a wave - a real treat for lovers of real sea waves.

Temperature: 30 - 31oC
Depth: 130 cm
Wave height: up to 70 cm

Wild River - let yourself be carried away by its rapid current!

The Wild River provides great fun and an unique experience, gaining new fans from day to day. The water flowing in its winding riverbed accelerates from time to time, thus reminiscent of the natural current of a mountain stream.

Water tmperature wody: 29-32oC
Depth: 1,3m

NEW! The outdoor balneological pool with hot springs water.

Pools fed directly with hot springs, with as many as 40 massage nozzles and two bottom geysers. The unique chemical composition of water (calcium, sodium, sulfur, magnesium, potassium and silicon) and its high temperature determine its health-promoting properties. Baths in it have a positive effect on various rheumatic, musculoskeletal and skin disorders, and also improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.

Balneology becomes a return to the former pools on Antałówka. Residents of our town and tourists can relax with a beautiful vista of the Tatra Mountains, that refer to the tradition of thermal baths in Zakopane.

Temperature: 36 - 38oC
Depth: 90 cm

Jacuzzi - relax for everyone after an eventful day!

Aqua Park Zakopane has six whirlpool (Jacuzzi) baths. The temperature of 36oC has a positive effect on both health and beauty. A bath for several minutes in warm water with bubbles has many advantages, among others: it has a relaxing and calming effect, it significantly reduces stress, improves skin firming, accelerates metabolism, neutralizes pain, stimulates the process of removing toxins from the body and the process of muscle and joint regeneration.

Viewing terrace with deckchairs - sunbathing with a beautiful vista of the Tatra Mountains!

The terrace was created for fans of outdoor recreation. It offers a breathtaking vista of the Tatra Mountains panorama. The Aqua Park Zakopane is particularly popular on hot summer days. Our guests can relax on comfortable deckchairs, taking a sun bath. We also recommend refreshing drinks available in the Summer Bar. On colder days, it might be a better good idea to go for a swim in the thermal pool located just next to it.

Water slides - a lot of experience for young and old!

5 water slides provide exciting fun at the Aqua Park Zakopane

green slide - length: 166.5 m, height: 16.7 m, speed: max. 26 km/h.

red slide - length: 106 m, height: 12 m, speed: max. 26 km/h.

azure slide - length: 26 m, height: 2.3 m.

yellow slide - length: 10.5 m, height: 4.3 m.

blue slide - length: 10 m, height: 4.3 m.

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